Date : Oct 15, 2014
The first-ever Global Hand Washing Day took place on October 15, 2008 in countries all over the world. The guiding vision of Global Hand Washing Day, now an annual event, is a local and global culture of hand washing with soap. The event is celebrated with the aim to raise awareness of hand washing with soap. Global Hand washing Day was originally created for children and schools, but can be celebrated by anyone promoting hand washing with soap. Hand washing with soap is the single and most effective way to prevent the spread of infections and to stop the transmission of dise .... View Detail
Date : Jan 02, 2013
An Inception workshop was conducted by LASOONA in collaboration with ASF (The Agribusiness Project) Funded by United States Agency for International Development on December 31, 2012 in Swat. Project concerned personals like, persons from different fields participated in inception workshop, including Govt. line departments (Agriculture Extension, Research, Livestock etc.) Agribusiness Support Fund staff, local and International NGOs, LASOONA program/project staff, Farmers and farmers’ groups/organizations.   In its inaugural speech, Mr. Azam Khan-Executive Direct .... View Detail
Date : Jan 01, 2013
LASOONA: Society for Human & Natural Resource Development is implementing USAID Entrepreneurs Project in District. Swat, Dir & Malakand in collaboration with MEDA, for the perseverance to increase the income of 10,000 home based women embellishers by the end of the project. Being a Key Facilitating Partner (KFP) of MEDA; LASOONA has to coordinate and comply with the key stakeholders in the project. From the government side PaRRSA has a mentoring and supervisory role in this regard; to monitor and facilitate the operations of the national and international organi .... View Detail
Date : Dec 25, 2012
LASOONA organized two days ToT for its staff on Food Processing and Preservation. Twelve participants got the training which was facilitated by the Research Officer from Agriculture Research Institute (ARI). The trained staff would further impart training to target communities. .... View Detail
Date : Dec 03, 2012
The CBDRM training, where simulation exercises and tool orientation to the community conducted. Similarly, the ERT Kits distributed among the CBOs.  .... View Detail
Date : Nov 20, 2012
The training has enhanced women's skills on product development, designing, innovativeness, business management, and costing & pricing. The USAID is providing support to LASOONA to help improve the embellished fabrics products (design & quality), and link 10,000 women embellishers to alternative markets. .... View Detail
LASOONA affirms to be committed to the well being of masses through promoting ecologically sound developement in impoverished pockets of Pakistan in general and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa in particular.